The Gaffers

Ever wondered who the top Ron manager is ? Well this is the best place to find out. Atko ? Saunders ? Maybe even Noades ? See who makes our top 10.

Forget all these modern managers with their fancy-Dan ideas like ProZone and having a nice bottle of red after the game, bring on the old-fashioned gaffers, who knew the riot-act off by heart and liked to get the hair-dryer so hot it would almost melt, with our list of the top 10 tea-cup throwers. Similarly, check out all those other crazy half-time managerial activities that allegedly go on behind the changing room door.

What do big Malcolm Allison and Marcello Lippi have in common ? Not a lot we'd have thought, but they do both feature in our smoking gaffers section.

Big Mal and his splendid fedora also feature in our Gaffer's Attire section, along with the likes of Cloughie's green top and Wenger's squirty flower.

And speaking of Cloughie, almost every time he opened his mouth he came out with a classic, so check out ten of his finest quotes.