Gaffer's Attire

They say that British men have no style. Well that's certainly not true of our football managers, who have often been natty, innovative dressers.

Here are 10 of the best...

No. 1 - Malcolm Allison's fedora

Bif Mal

Our number 1. Big Mal was an exuberant character with more than a touch of the showman about him. His lucky fedora hat really sprang to prominence as he guided Palace, then in Division 3, to an FA Cup semi final against Southampton. Fedora's, champagne, cigars and page 3 birds in the team bath. What would we give for a manager like this today?

No. 2 - Brian Clough's green sweatshirt


The story behind this is that Cloughie pinched Shilton's goalie shirt before a match as his No 1 had been getting a little big for his boots. When Shilts emerged with a replacement top and saw the great man wearing his shirt Cloughie pointed to the number on his back and called "I'm the F***king Number 1 around here!". Who knows if it's true? Who cares?

No. 3 - Alan Ball's flat cap


Bally was very much at home in the country as he demonstrates with this delightful flat cap. Sadly he wasn't so clever in the City as he took the Mancunians to relegation in 1996.

No. 4 - Bob Stokoe's red Cup final trousers and pork pie hat

What a combination. No, not the Porterfield / Montgomery moments that brought the cup back to Wearside. Wear (clever eh) talking about Bob's sensational hat / trousers double act. Was Stokoe's a better on field dash than Pleat's? Steven Hawking might know about the universe and stuff but he couldn't answer that.

No. 5 - David Pleat's beige suit

A celebrated moment in the noble history of managerial pitch invasions. What a suit that was, what a dash across the Maine Road turf as Raddy Antic saved Luton from relegation with a last gasp winner. Pleaty magnificently recreated the moment on Fantasy Football. Beige really was the new Beige in 1983.

No. 6 - Jimmy Melia's white shoes

Jimmy Melia briefly became one of football's leading figures for about 15 minutes in 1983. Was it masterminding Brighton's glorious run to the cup final that brought him to prominence? No, it was those amazing white shoes.

No. 7 - Don Revie / Ron Greenwood's Admiral tracksuit


Most of the other selections were down to the sartorial tastes of the gaffers. This one though was mandatory FA training ground apparel in the 1970s. A timeless design. In a certain light.

No. 8 - Mourinho's scarf


Can a man who exudes such a glow really need such a warm scarf? Of course not! For this renowned self-doubter it's used as a comfort blanket, he wears it in August!

No. 9 - Big Ron's shades

Big Ron

Big Ron once commented that women were fine in the kitchen, disco or boutique but not in football. Ron's trouble and strife was clearly great in the boutique - just look at his coat. He loved his shades as well. No expense was spared in his efforts to look like Deirdre's mum in Coronation Street.

No. 10 - Rowan Alexander's kilt


Proudly worn by the Gretna manager as he nearly masterminded one of the most romantic stories of recent times. Their epic final with Hearts ended in defeat, but only after a 1-1 draw led to penalties.

Top notch clobber indeed. Anybody interested in the gear hunt could do worse than checking out the style of these gaffers.

Honourable mentions also for the gaffers who's attire just missed the top ten...

Dalglish's puffer jacket; Mick Harford growling on the sidelines dressed in full club kit; and, of course, Arsene Wenger's squirty flower.