The Fans

Every club has their celebrity fans, even Mansfield, and our section of a, b and z-list celebrity fans supports this. From Prince William to Tom Hanks, if you don't attach yourself to a club then you're missing out. We're looking to name at least one celeb for each club, however minor. In fact the more minor the better as far as we're concerned.

And if you've heard any decent chants anywhere then give us a shout. Only original and witty stuff though please, you don't need to tell us that you heard Arsenal fans chanting "Arsenal!" at the Emirates.

With so much negativity around in life at the moment, we decided to really lift our spirits and concentrate on some positive stuff - check out our list of the most pleasant sets of fans. If you disagree with it (maybe you've personally taken a beating at the hands of Dougie Brimson and his Watford chums) then you better let us know.

And speaking of beatings, Millwall obviously feature in our list of the top ten football fan stereotypes.