The Clubs

How does a football club attain cult status ? Its hard to pinpoint the exact criteria, but a colourful history, glorious failure, and fans as mad as goats, all help. The names of certain cult clubs seem to be genetically inbuilt into our psyche - St Pauli, St Etienne, Dukla Prague etc. To see our list and profiles of cult clubs, and don't forget to check out our list of sleeping giants and perceived 'big fives' from different countries.

Ever wanted to know who the richest clubs in the world are ? What do you mean no ? Well here they are anyway - the football rich list is published every February and makes spectacularly grim reading for those of us who support teams light years away from the top flight. And at the other end of the spectrum, far removed from the footballing rich boys, check out our list of so-called unfashionable clubs that have made the top flight in England.

The Posh, the Blue Brazil, Pompey, just 3 of the great nicknames in football.

Clubs by Country