Top 10 Football Fan Stereotypes

In the 1980s there was one football supporter stereotype... They were all bad news.
Thankfully, this has changed to the point where football has become all pervasive in society. Politicians, advertisers and the media have cottoned onto this. Instead we want to put today's supporter clichés to the test. Is it true or false about those cheeky Scousers or Cockney Mancs? Do 95% of all Geordies really watch their games bare-chested, instantly making them the country's most passionate ? And are all Millwall fans Neanderthals ?

No.1 Manchester United FANS do not come from Manchester. TRUE

It's the oldest cliché in the book and, in our opinion, the best. Of course, there are United supporters in Manchester, lots of them; they have just been elbowed out of the way by the prawn sandwich brigade. Curiously, United's away support seems to have become more old school in recent years, and they have undoubtedly one of the finest away following in European football, not just with the numbers who follow them but the way they get behind the team/

No.2 The Anfield Kop is a very knowledgeable crowd. TRUE

Commentators always blather on about the Kop, specifically the Kop being oh so knowledgeable. That might not be the right word but when you see the displays of solidarity and loyalty when the club's back is against the wall, you realise it has something.

No.3 Newcastle fans are the most passionate in the country. FALSE

No clubs supporters can claim to be most passionate. It's like sheep arguing about who is the most woolly. Yes, Newcastle have a superbly passionate following, but in our book, anyone who will travel from, say Carlisle to Torquay, midweek, is difficult to beat in the passion and loyalty stakes.

No.4 England fans are all hooligans. FALSE

Gradually this one is being to put to bed. The difference in atmosphere between the last two European-based World Cups of 1998 and 2006 was enormous.

No.5 All foreigners love Scotland fans. TRUE

Scotland's supporters do have a very good and deserved reputation abroad. The question is - will they get the kilts out for a major championship ever again?

No.6 American football supporters are clueless about football. FALSE

Yes, of course we know George Bush did indeed praise the US soccer-ball team at the 2002 World Series in Japan, but he's an imbecile. After actually meeting some American football fans in Germany, a change of heart is due. One was so clued up he cheeked me for supporting a small, lower division club. So I invoked stereotype no. 4. He cheeked me no more.

No. 7 Liverpool fans are the wittiest in the country. FALSE

This one isn't measurable in any possible way. Yet somehow lazy media types still chunter on about the good humour of the Kop. We're not saying it doesn't exist; just that it isn't unique, with every other stadium full of My Hero standard wit.

No. 8 Man City fans have a black sense of humour. TRUE

Man City fans sum up what being a football supporter is all about. The constant mix of tragedy and farce that accompanies most teams simply seems amplified at City for some reason. (Note: This was written in the mid 2000's. Things have changed a bit in recent years).

No.9 Millwall fans are all hooligans. FALSE

Having been to the New Den several times we've always had a good laugh with the locals. No football team's fans are all hooligans and no teams fans are all angels. Millwall are no different.

No.10 All female Brazilian football fans are beautiful. FALSE

We saw one in Cologne during the World Cup and she was morbidly obese and had a face like a slapped ar*e.