Bundesliga Brits

Here's our list of British players who've played in Germany.

And yes, that's right, it does say Danny Sonner, he played 21 times and scored 6 goals in 1993 for Preussen Koln (now known as Viktoria Koln). 6 goals is not bad, although Preussen Koln were in a low division. A very low division. The sort of division your granny could bag a couple of goals in to be honest. But at least Sonner got off his backside and got out there, playing football for a living in a different country, experiencing a new culture and generally broadening his mind. Respect due. And for that reason he deserves to makes our list, along with the likes of Keegan, Hughes, Woodcock, and of course, the Deutschland legend that was Alan McInally.

Player Team Year(s)
Booth, Scott Borussia Dortmund 1997-98
Burke, Oliver RB Leipzig 2016-
Farrington, Mark Hertha BSC 1990-91
Hargreaves, Owen Bayern Munich 2000-07
Hughes, Mark Bayern Munich 1987-88
Keegan, Kevin Hamburg 1977-80
Lambert, Paul Borussia Dortmund 1996-97
McGhee, Mark Hamburg 1984-86
MacLeod, Murdo Borussia Dortmund 1987-90
Mancienne, Michael Hamburg 1977-80
McInally, Alan Bayern Munich 1989-92
O'Neil, Brian Preussen Koln 1998-00
Sonner, Danny Preussen Koln 1993
Watson, Dave Werder Bremen 1979-80
Woodcock, Tony FC Koln 1979-82
Woodcock, Tony Fortuna Koln 1988