The World's Worst Football Stadium Names

It's a real shame that the Nashville Predators play ice hockey rather than soccer, because otherwise their stadium would definitely make this list... the Gaylord Entertainment Center.

Stadium Notes
Wankdorf Stadium The King of comedy stadium names and home to BSC Young Boys in the Swiss capital, Berne, it was made famous back in 1954 when it was the venue for the World Cup final that became known as Das Wunder von Bern (he Miracle of Berne). Of course it became more famous over here as giggling school boys spread word of it's legendary smutty name. The original stadium was demolished in 2001 and a new one built for Euro 2008, but at least they kept the name, although it's now slightly less catchy - the Stade de Suisse Wankdorf. By the way, Wankdorf is an area in the city.
Fartbana Home to the Norwegian club FL Fart.