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Ok, so he only retired in 2006, but ever since he started mesmerising defences with Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid there has been a host of young players who the French press have tried to compare with him scene

Year Wonder-kid Details
???? Samir Nasri From Marseille
???? Lazio's Mourad Meghni Actually called "Petit Zidane"
???? Milan's Gourcoeuf
???? Ribery Was called the new zidane but incorrectly as he's more of a winger
???? Ben Arf
???? Rothen - Monaco ?
???? Camel Meriem
???? Eric Carrierre
???? Yoyan Mollo
???? Bruno Cheyrou Laugh it up, but before his miserable spell with Livepool, young Bruno was the great hope for French football and was expected to take the playmaking baton from Zidane. It never happened.