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Always a favourite at MD and basically applied to any wide player from the Netherlands who shows a modicum of talent. scene

Year Player Details
???? Tahamata From Marseille
???? La Ling From Marseille
???? Gerald Vanenburg From Marseille
???? Johny Van't Schip From Marseille
???? Richard Witschge
???? Rob Witschge
???? Marc Overmars Was called the new zidane but incorrectly as he's more of a winger
???? Bolo Zenden
???? Jordi Cruyff Ok, so technically he was the new Cruyff. But ask fans of Barcelona how he compared with his father and they'll probably just laugh at you.
???? Ruud Gullit
???? Andy van der Meyde
???? Rafael van der Vaart
???? Arjen Robben