Hit with the Ugly Stick - the Ugliest Footballers Ever

Yes, it may be childish, it may even be downright mean, but what the hell, here are the best of your nominations for the game's ugliest characters and your reasons for their inclusion...

No. The Evidence Who and Why ?
1 ugly Peter Beardsley

"He wasn't nicknamed Quasimodo for nothing"
2 ugly Sasa Curcic

"Straight out of the League of Gentlemen."
3 ugly Eric Gates

"Not so much hit with the ugly stick, more like beaten to within an inch of his life by it."
4 ugly Davie Dodds

"Dundee Utd's very own Elephant Man."
5 ugly Luke Chadwick

"Looks like an explosion in an ugly factory."
6 ugly Martin Keown

"Like something Boris Karloff had a go at."
7 ugly Nobby Stiles

"If you've ever wondered why the Yanks take the p*ss out of the British dental industry then take a look at Nobby."
8 ugly Wayne Rooney

"Fine player and all, but damn is he ugly."
9 ugly Matt Le Tissier

"Le God ? or Le Gorm ?"
10 ugly Zlatan Ibrahimovic

"The Swedish Davie Dodds."
11 ugly Andrea Silenzi

"I looked up ugly on Wikipedia, and found his picture."
12 ugly Christian Ziege

"You know that Child catcher out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ? That's you that is. That's you looking your most attractive."
13 ugly Stefan Effenberg

"Now I have something to genuinely scare the kids with."
14 ugly Dane Whitehouse

"You can see why Wednesday fans call United the Pigs."
15 ugly Martin Hodge

"And vice versa, you can also see why United fans call Wednesday the Pigs."
16 ugly Chris Adamson

"Pass me a bag, quick."
17 ugly Steve Ogrizovic

"Pretty ugly and pretty likely to stay that way."
18 ugly Sammy Lee

"Small, but not so perfectly formed."
19 ugly Phil Stamp

"Straight out of the museum of natural ugliness."
20 ugly Iain Dowie

"As my Gran once said... 'My God he's hideous'"