Predicting Unexpected Football Results

Obviously these are the words that came out of the mouths of many punters after the football results start coming in on Saturday and Sunday afternoons across Europe. There's often one game that people have an inkling that there might be a a strange result with, but don't bother backing it in the end, as they decide it would be pretty silly to “waste” a hard-earned £5 on such as ridiculous scoreline. But hindsight is such a wonderful, marvellous thing ! You imagine how much you would have won if you'd backed every single Manchester United team over the years as they went to "Fergie-time" needing a late goal, and getting it. What would the odds have been on that ? It's not worth depressing yourself by thinking about it !

Afterwards you start to think when the next upset is going to happen, and you're determined not to miss out. You start to trawl the internet, looking for the best value markets on all things football related, the best betting operators reviewed and hopefully tip you towards another shock result. No stone is left unturned as you search for the holy grail of betting tips.

There are a host of bets that are available to punters nowadays that you wouldn't have gone for at a traditional walk-in bookmaker. So if a single bet is just not hardcore enough for you, then there are things like winner & top scorer combo's. So at tournaments such as next year's FIFA World Cup you could go for France to win the competition and Muller to be top scorer. France have got a great array of talent and must be in with a shout, whilst on to Muller, he might not be the most popular choice at the moment having been through a poor spell but he's been there and done it before. He won the golden boot at the 2010 tournament - he was tied on 5 goals with Villa, Sneijder and Forlan but received the award due to having more assists (3) than the others (1). Punters can sometimes take advantage of matched deposit and bonuses during tournaments to give themselves free-bets to play with, some sites, list all the current offers and details.

Staying on the World Cup theme, many companies offer you the chance to have a bet on "name the finalists", and again there are always some tasty looking odds on the table. Brazil have been back to their scintillating best in the South American World Cup qualifiers, and with their history in the competition it would still take a brave man to bet against them. The Germans nearly always deliver in tournaments, even if they've had weaker teams they always find a way to get through deep into tournaments, although weak is not something you'd describe their current set of players and strength in depth. Add to this the fact they have a manager and coaching staff who've been their before and they're likely to be many punters favourites to have a gamble on. Other interesting selections could be France and Argentina. France had a bit of a wobble at the end of qualifying but have still looked strong, with so many attacking choices available. On the other hand, the Argentinians struggled to make Russie, even with Messi and Co in their line-up. However, they made it in the end thanks to Messi's heroics, and who knows, the relief of finally making it, when it looked like they might incredibly miss out, may just kick-start their campaign to add a third world title to their honour list.

So with so many twists and turns likely before the big kick off next summer, now may be the right time to get an early bet on before the odds change again. The list of teams who've made it there isn't even complete, and the World Cup qualifier news that comes out in the next few weeks will be very interesting, with some big nations still battling it out to get to Russia. But whoever pundits choose, one thing is guaranteed, someone will always being saying to themselves "I wish I'd had a fiver on that !".