The Midfield Dynamo Pundit-O-Meter

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The definitive football pundit league table...



Rank Pundit Details
1 Guillem Balague Some incisive punditry on Sky's La Liga coverage gives the Espanol fan a table topping position.
2 Eamon Dunphy Anyone who's ever seen the likes of Dunphy, Liam Brady and Johny Giles on RTE will now want to watch the 'old boys club' of MOTD again. Opinionated, passionate, insightful, and interesting.
3 Liam Brady See Eamon Dunphy.
4 Marcel Desailly Match of the Day new boy's a refreshing addition to the Beeb's much criticised team. Unlike many who've appeared on the show he seems to say what he thinks.
5 Pat Nevin No fence-sitting like so many other pundits. Pat says it how he sees it, which is a good thing in our book.
6 Don Goodman Good work on Sky and Radio 5 from the likeable ex-striker. Good banter with the commentator and some funny remarks.
7 Chris Waddle The Geordie accent may grate with some of our well-spoken friends from the South, but not with us. Good banter, some decent points, and of course he's been there and done it when it comes to the matches.
8 Chris Kamara Love him or loathe him, there's no denying Kamara's enthusiasm is almost infectious. His tactical nous may occasionally be lacking but you're guaranteed a good few laughs along the way.
9 Stan Collymore Surprisingly good punditry from Collymore on Radio 5 gives him a top 5 place. Surprisingly good knowledge of the game.
10 Steve Claridge Another pundit who fans seem to either really like or who makes them reach for the off button. We're in the like camp. His punditry resembles his playing days - a bit rough round the edges, and sometimes going off at strange angles, but comes good every now and again with important strikes.
11 Alan Hansen Hansen knows his onions but the "Look at me, I'm the number one pundit" attitude doesn't wash with us.
12 Gavin Peacock A rival to Jamie Redknapp in the nice stakes, but prepared to stand his ground much more in an argument.
13 Roberto Martinez Like many foreign pundits that Sky get on their programmes Martinez makes some interesting points, and his use of English is better than many home-grown pundits.
14 Jamie Redknapp What can we say ? Terrible pundit but what a nice bloke. He's a bit like the guy off the Fast Show who ends up agreeing with everyone else and therefore contradicting all his previous comments.
15 Mark Lawrenson Lawro's always looking for a place to insert his next gag, but often at the expense of any decent tactical comments or chat.
16 Paul Merson Let's face it, some of Merse's gaff's and nonsense are in danger of elevating him to cult status, and it's a good job too, because his serious match analysis needs plenty of work. Very watchable, in a "what the hell will he say next ?" kind of way.
17 Graham Taylor A regular on BBC 5 Live's radio coverage, he's a likeable enough bloke, and although a lot of his views are old school it often works well as balancing act against some of the younger guns and their new-fangled ideas.
18 Neil Lennon Struggling. Possibly because he's new to it but the Irishman needs to inject a bit of the passion that he used to show in the Celtic midfield.
19 Garth Crooks There's plenty of you out there who would argue that Garth's bizarre punditry should have him in the very bowels of the Pundit-O-Meter, but his quirky style inches him ahead of some of the others at the foot of the table.
20 David Pleat There's something about Pleaty that annoys us. He's becoming a bit like the John Motson of punditry, thinking that his observations are definitive. And we really don't like it when he tries to make witty remarks.
21 Warren Barton His appearances on Sky's Premiership matches has increased the impression that he appears to have been reading the Terry Venables book of football punditry.
22 Matt Le Tissier He may have had all the flair in the world on the pitch but in the studio Le Tiss is on the last train to Dullsville. Time to spice up the punditry Matt.
23 Ian Wright 'Loveable rogue' Wrighty only seems to be in the MOTD punditry chairs so that Lineker and Co can look on agog at his whacky OTT antics during England games and play 'funny' clips of him jumping around when England have scored. Even my Gran now finds it mildly irritating.
24 Alan Shearer Proof indeed that great players do not necessarily make great pundits. The classic syndrome of ex-player-turned-pundit who gives the impression that he doesn't like to criticize in case he offends. And when on international punditry duty it's all too obvious that he knows naff all about players unless they're from the Premiership.
25 Lee Dixon How did he get this plum job at the BBC ? And how much are they paying him ? Are they paying him ? or is that the reason behind his continuing presence ? We still haven't forgotten how he mocked Owen Hargreaves before the 2006 World Cup.