United Soccer Association (USA) League Teams

In 1967 the United Soccer Association (USA) League was formed. It was a unique idea because every team in the league had a local city name, but foreign clubs were invited over to represent them.

So here's the list of the foreign teams that were brought over for the inaugural (and also final) season of the United Soccer Association (USA) League, and the American cities they represented.

Our favourite ? Well Cleveland Stokers is good (see what they've cleverly done there, with the name Stoke ?), but how can anything possibly contend with the San Francisco Golden Gate Gales ? Has there ever been more of a mouthful in a club name ? Poor old Den Haag, did all the other Dutch teams pull out when they heard what name they would be running out as ? Probably.

Eastern Division

Club Name Actual Club...
Boston Rovers Shamrock Rovers (Eire)
Cleveland Stokers Stoke City (England)
Detroit Cougars Glentoran (N.Ireland)
New York Skyliners Atletico Cerro (Uruguay)
Toronto City Hibernian (Scotland)
Washington Whips Aberdeen (Scotland)

Western Division

Club Name Actual Club...
Chicago Mustangs Cagliari (Italy)
Dallas Tornado Dundee United (Scotland)
Houston Stars Bangu (Brazil)
Los Angeles Wolves Wolverhampton Wanderers (England)
San Francisco Golden Gate Gales Den Haag (Holland)
Vancouver Royal Canadians Sunderland (England)