League Champions


A list of champions from various American leagues since the ISL was formed back in 1960...

ISL Champions

Year Champions Runners Up
1965 Polonia Bytom (Poland) New York Americans (USA)
1964 Sosnowiec (Poland) Werder Bremen (West Germany)
1963 West Ham (England) Gornik Zabrze (Poland)
1962 RJ America (Brazil) Belenenses (Portugal)
1961 Dukla Prague (Czech) Everton (England)
1960 Bangu (Brazil) Kilmarnock (Scotland)

ISL American Champions Cup (ISL Champions v Dukla Prague)

Surely one of the finest cup competitions ever invented - the winner of a championship versus Dukla Prague ! Every year ! Bring it back in Europe we say, but replace Dukla Prague with someone like Macclesfield Town - the Champions League winner takes on Macclesfield, home and away, at the start of every June. It'd be a ratings winner in our house.

Year Champions Runners Up
1965 Polonia Bytom (Poland) Dukla Prague (Czech)
1964 Dukla Prague (Czech) Sosnowiec (Poland)
1963 Dukla Prague (Czech) West Ham (England)
1962 Dukla Prague (Czech) RJ America (Brazil)

NASL Champions

The championship was awarded to the league winner up until 1975, when NASL supremo Phil Woosnam went for a NFL style play-off game, inventively titled the Soccer Bowl (der.. wonder where he dreamt that one up from ?). This format ran until the NASL's last year, when it went to a home and away affair between east and west divisional winners.

Year Champions
1984 Chicago Sting
1983 Tulsa Roughnecks
1982 New York Cosmos
1981 Chicago Sting
1980 New York Cosmos
1979 Vancouver Whitecaps
1978 New York Cosmos
1977 New York Cosmos
1976 Toronto Metros-Croatia
1975 Tampa Bay Rowdies
1974 Los Angeles Aztecs
1973 Philadelphia Atoms
1972 New York Cosmos
1971 Dallas Tornado
1970 Rochester Lancers
1969 Kansas City Spurs
1968 Atlanta Chiefs

NPSL Champions

Just a single championship before it merged with the USA league to form the NASL.

Year Champions
1967 Oakland Clippers

USA Champions

As with the NPSL, it ran for just one season before merging with the NPSL to form the NASL. This was the FIFA backed league that was actually solely comprised of foreign teams, re-badged as American clubs.

Year Champions aka
1967 Los Angeles Wolves Wolverhampton Wanderers