The Top 10 People's Clubs of Holland

One of our Dutch contributors, Martin Geesink, has compiled a list of the top 10 "people's clubs" of Holland. These are the clubs who in Martin's words "have a special link to their fans, often with a working class connection, unlike Vitesse, Willem II, Heerenveen, Roda JC, PSV and Ajax". Controversial words indeed. Martin's an FC Groningen fan, and so it's maybe not a surprise to find the 'Pride of the North' at the top of his list...

  • 1. FC Groningen
  • 2. NAC Breda
  • 3. Feyenoord
  • 4. NEC
  • 5. Utrecht
  • 6. Twente
  • 7. De Graafschap
  • 8. FC Den Bosch
  • 9. MVV
  • 10. SC Cambuur