Belgian Title Winners

Article date: 21/6/2019

KRC Genk saw off traditional Belgian footballing heavyweights Club Brugge, Standard Liège and Anderlecht to claim victory in the title race for the 2018-19 Jupiler Pro League.

Their seven point championship winning margin saw the "Blauw-Wit" (the Blue-White's) claim their first title since the 2010-11 season, and only the fourth title in their history.

Four titles puts them level with KV Mechelen, Royal Antwerp and Lierse and puts them within touching distance of a number of older Belgian clubs who were very successful in the early days of the Belgian football championship but who are extremely unlikely to put together another title any time soon. Clubs such as Daring de Bruxelles, RFC Liège, Racing de Bruxelles, Beerschot VAC and Union SG have won more than 30 titles between them, but none since the early 1950s.

Despite great periods in the history of Club Brugge, it's still Anderlecht who remain the kings of the Belgian football league, with an incredible 34 title victories on their honours list, and given their continuing power and support it's unlikely that any of the other team will ever surpass them in the table.

Below is a list of all the winners and runners up of Belgium's football league since FC Liégeois claimed the first title back in the opening season of 1895-96.

Belgian League Title Winners

Season Belgian League Winner Runner-up
1895-96 FC Liégeois Antwerp FC
1896-97 Racing de Bruxelles FC Liégeois
1897-98 FC Liégeois Racing de Bruxelles
1898-99 FC Liégeois FC Brugeois
1899-00 Racing de Bruxelles FC Brugeois
1900-01 Racing de Bruxelles K Beerschot VAC
1901-02 Racing de Bruxelles Léopold Club
1902-03 Racing de Bruxelles RU Saint-Gilloise
1903-04 RU Saint-Gilloise Racing de Bruxelles
1904-05 RU Saint-Gilloise Racing de Bruxelles
1905-06 RU Saint-Gilloise FC Brugeois
1906-07 RU Saint-Gilloise Racing de Bruxelles
1907-08 Racing de Bruxelles RU Saint-Gilloise
1908-09 RU Saint-Gilloise Daring Club de Bruxelles
1909-10 RU Saint-Gilloise FC Brugeois
1910-11 CS Brugeois FC Brugeois
1911-12 Daring Club de Bruxelles U Saint-Gilloise
1912-13 RU Saint-Gilloise Daring Club de Bruxelles
1913-14 Daring Club de Bruxelles RU Saint-Gilloise
1915-16 No League (World War I)
1916-17 No League (World War I)
1917-18 No League (World War I)
1918-19 No League (World War I)
1919-20 FC Brugeois U Saint-Gilloise
1920-21 Daring Club de Bruxelles RU Saint-Gilloise
1921-22 K Beerschot VAC RU Saint-Gilloise
1922-23 RU Saint-Gilloise K Beerschot VAC
1923-24 K Beerschot VAC RU Saint-Gilloise
1924-25 K Beerschot VAC Royal Antwerp
1925-26 K Beerschot VAC Standard Liège
1926-27 RCS Brugeois K Beerschot VAC
1927-28 K Beerschot VAC Standard Liège
1928-29 Royal Antwerp K Beerschot VAC
1929-30 RCS Brugeois Royal Antwerp
1930-31 Royal Antwerp RFC Malinois
1931-32 K Liersche SK Royal Antwerp
1932-33 RU Saint-Gilloise Royal Antwerp
1933-34 RU Saint-Gilloise Daring Club de Bruxelles
1934-35 RU Saint-Gilloise K Liersche SK
1935-36 Daring Club de Bruxelles Standard Liège
1936-37 Daring Club de Bruxelles K Beerschot VAC
1937-38 R Beerschot AC Daring Club de Bruxelles
1938-39 R Beerschot AC K Liersche SK
1939-40 No League (World War II)
1941-41 No League (World War II)
1941-42 K Liersche SK R Beerschot AC
1942-43 RFC Malinois R Beerschot AC
1943-44 Royal Antwerp Anderlecht
1944-45 No League (World War II)
1945-46 RFC Malinois Royal Antwerp Anderlecht
1946-47 Anderlecht ROC de Charleroi
1947-48 RFC Malinois Anderlecht
1948-49 Anderlecht R Berchem Sport
1949-50 Anderlecht R Berchem Sport
1950-51 Anderlecht R Berchem Sport
1951-52 RFC Liégeois RC Mechelen KM
1952-53 RFC Liégeois Anderlecht
1953-54 Anderlecht KFC Malinois
1954-55 Anderlecht ARA La Gantoise
1955-56 Anderlecht Royal Antwerp
1956-57 Royal Antwerp Anderlecht
1957-58 Standard Liège Royal Antwerp
1958-59 Anderlecht RFC Liégeois
1959-60 Lierse Anderlecht
1960-61 Standard Liège RFC Liégeois
1961-62 Anderlecht Standard Liège
1962-63 Standard Liège Royal Antwerp
1963-64 Anderlecht K Beeringen FC
1964-65 Anderlecht Standard Liège
1965-66 Anderlecht K Sint-Truidense
1966-67 Anderlecht RFC Brugeois
1967-68 Anderlecht RFC Brugeois
1968-69 Standard Liège Charleroi
1969-70 Standard Liège RFC Brugeois
1970-71 Standard Liège RFC Brugeois
1971-72 Anderlecht RFC Brugeois
1972-73 Club Brugge Standard Liège
1973-74 Anderlecht Royal Antwerp
1974-75 RWD Molenbeek Royal Antwerp
1975-76 Club Brugge Anderlecht
1976-77 Club Brugge Anderlecht
1977-78 Club Brugge Anderlecht
1978-79 KSK Beveren Anderlecht
1979-80 Club Brugge Standard Liège
1980-81 Anderlecht Lokeren
1981-82 Standard Liège Anderlecht
1982-83 Standard Liège Anderlecht
1983-84 KSK Beveren Anderlecht
1984-85 Anderlecht Club Brugge
1985-86 Anderlecht Club Brugge
1986-87 Anderlecht KV Mechelen
1987-88 Club Brugge KV Mechelen
1988-89 KV Mechelen Anderlecht
1989-90 Club Brugge Anderlecht
1990-91 Anderlecht KV Mechelen
1991-92 Club Brugge Anderlecht
1992-93 Anderlecht Standard Liège
1993-94 Anderlecht Club Brugge
1994-95 Anderlecht Standard Liège
1995-96 Club Brugge Anderlecht
1996-97 Lierse Club Brugge
1997-98 Club Brugge KRC Genk
1998-99 KRC Genk Club Brugge
1999-00 Anderlecht Club Brugge
2000-01 Anderlecht Club Brugge
2001-02 KRC Genk Club Brugge
2002-03 Club Brugge Anderlecht
2003-04 Anderlecht Club Brugge
2004-05 Club Brugge Anderlecht
2005-06 Anderlecht Standard Liège
2006-07 Anderlecht KRC Genk
2007-08 Standard Liège Anderlecht
2008-09 Standard Liège Anderlecht
2009-10 Anderlecht KAA Gent
2010-11 KRC Genk Standard Liège
2011-12 Anderlecht Club Brugge
2012-13 Anderlecht Zulte Waregem
2013-14 Anderlecht Standard Liège
2014-15 KAA Gent Club Brugge
2015-16 Club Brugge Anderlecht
2016-17 Anderlecht Club Brugge
2017-18 Club Brugge Standard Liège
2018-19 KRC Genk Club Brugge