European Championships Mascots

The first mascot to make an appearance at the European Championships was a large-nosed young fellow called Pinoccio, back in the 1980 tournament over in Italy. And since then it's probably made rich men of a few bosses of some advertising and marketing companies across Europe as it became big business to create these cheeky little chappies.

1980 - Italy - "Pinoccio"

1980 Mascot

A naked wooden lad with a ball and a paper hat. And a large striped nose.

1984 - France - "Peno"

1984 Mascot

Enormous-footed rooster in a French football kit. With a ball.

1988 - Germany - "Berni"

1988 Mascot

Tough looking rabbit with dodgy Euro-rock headband and even dodgier ball control.

1992 - Sweden - "Rabbit"

1992 Mascot

The most cunningly named of all the mascots. Slightly better ball control than Berni but equally bad head gear.

1996 - England - "Goaliath"

1996 Mascot

Slightly boss-eyed lion in excruciatingly tight shorts. With a ball.

2000 - Holland and Belgium - "Benelucky"

2000 Mascot

Strange demon-lion thing. With a ball.

2004 - Portugal - "Kinas"

2004 Mascot

A Portuguese kid. With enormous, fat hands. But only 3 fingers.

2008 - Austria and Switzerland - "Trix and Flix"

2008 Mascot

Fun-loving Austro-Swiss chums with jester-style haircuts. But no ball.