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You know the ones. The ones you're almost too embarrassed to get to the final of, trying to convince yourself that "it'll be a good day out".

Rank Title Details 1 InterToto The daddy of mockability. A tournament created by UEFA so that the football pools could continue through the summer. 2 Watney Cup Early 1970's competition, contested pre-season by the highest scoring club from each of the 4 English divisions. Almost made famous by the last line of Half Man Half Biscuit's classic "Rod Hull is Alive. Why?" 3 Full Members Cup Also known as the Simod and ZDS cup. It was created to compensate for English clubs being kicked out of Europe. Some compensation for Man Utd fans - a trip to the Nou Camp ? or a rainy night in Grimsby in the Simod Cup ? You decide. 4 FIFA World Club Championship Another FIFA money making venture. Bring back the Toyota Cup. 5 Football League Trophy Open to the lowest 2 English divisions, and also known as the Sherpa Van, Freight Rover, LDV Vans, Auto Windscreens - no one knows what the compulsory van sponsorship thing is all about but its great for low-level cup mockery. 6 Anglo-Italian Cup 1979 Final - Sutton United v Chieti. Great stuff. 7 Confederations Cup Much maligned competition for the winners of the six confederation championships (plus world champions and hosts). Remember the classic France-Japan final of 2001 ? No, neither do we. 8 Texaco Cup Another classic from the 70's, this one open to clubs who didn't qualify for Europe. Named the Texaco Cup because that's what the winners got, a petrol station of their choice. Or did they just sponsor it ? 9 Premiership Ok, so strictly speaking its not a cup competition, but its has to go on for being predictable, dull, over-rated, over-priced and over here. 10 Charity/Community Shield Despite its status as the 'traditional curtain raiser', this has become a bit of a joke. It's now one of the laws of England that only Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd can appear in it.