Top 10 National Football Kits

The 10 finest national football team kits...

7. Denmark 1986

Iconic Hummel kit, worn by a brilliant team. Apparently the two tone shirts were going to be reversed on the shorts but had to be changed as they were worried about how it would appear on TV.

8. Belgium 1982

Fantastic Admiral kit, similar in style to the Welsh one from 1976-80, it was graced by probably Belgium's finest side, containing the likes of Ceulemans, Vandenbergh, Vercauteren, Gerets and Pfaff.

9. Congo 1968

This is a belter from the African nations cup back in 1968. Look at that star and stripe - you wouldn't be complaining running out onto a pitch as hard as concrete in that beauty. The sort of shirt that would have looked good on our favourite Congolese son... Bongo Christ.

10. Zaire 1974

A retro favourite from the 1974 World Cup, fondly remembered for 'that free-kick'. If you don't know which one then check out number 2 in our 10 Funniest World Cup Moments.