What are the Most Successful English Football Teams?

England as had a long, and storied history with the game of football. While kickball games, that functioned as sort of precursors to the game, have existed since the ancient era, football as we know it today was officially created in England in the mid-1800s. Since then, the sport has grown in popularity at an unprecedented rate, and has become the most popular sport worldwide.

As the originator of the sport, England is, understandably, a country where football is huge. Some of the most popular and celebrated clubs in the world hail from England, and the national English football team is one of the most successful on the global scene.

The English are also huge fans of gambling and betting, which means that football is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the country. In fact, close to a million pounds are spent on betting just when it comes to football. The top betting sites ranked by Bet Station have dedicated a huge amount of their effort into covering football matches and events (such as the Premier League) as well.

We mentioned the most successful football teams come from England. The question then is, what are some of the most popular and most successful clubs? In this article, we address this question.

Manchester United

Manchester United, for a long time, was the biggest football clubs in the world. Today, the club retains a large chunk of its popularity, and is still one of the richest clubs in the world. Man Utd. have won 20 Premier League titles (more than any other English club), 12 Football Association Cups and 5 Football League Cups throughout their entire history.

Apart from that, they’ve also been very successful on the international scene, achieving the Intercontinental Cup, and winning the UEFA Champions League three times, among numerous other achievements.

All in all, the team has won 66 trophies, nationally and internationally, making them England’s most successful club.


Coming up on the tail of Manchester United, Liverpool has won 61 trophies in national and international competitions. This achievement makes them the second most successful club in England. Looking at the 2022 Premier League, Liverpool is ranked 2nd, ahead of Manchester United, who are ranked fifth.

Liverpool have won 18 English Premier League titles, 8 Football Association Cups and 8 Football League Cups, as well as, 15 FA Community Shields, and 3 UEFA Europa League titles.


The Gunners are another of England’s most popular teams, having won 13 English Premier Leagues and 13 FA Cups. They have earned 15 Football Association Community Shields, and have won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup as well. Overall, they have earned 46 national and international trophies throughout their career, putting them at the number three spot of most successful English clubs

Honorable mentions

Some more of England’s clubs that are worth mentioning are Chelsea, with 31 trophies overall, Tottenham Hotspur, with 26 trophies, Manchester City, who are the current Premier League champions, and have won 25 trophies in their career.