A Few of England’s Top Football Teams

With a worldwide fan base of over 4 billion fans, football is the biggest sport in the world. The total number of football fans is almost double that of cricket, which is the second biggest sport in the world, with 2.5 billion fans around the globe. If that wasn’t enough, there are more football fans in the world than fans of tennis and hockey combined. So, where did football get its start?

While similar kickball sports have been around since the Ancient era, the sport of football as we understand it was officially created in England in the mid-1800s, when Oxford University drafted the first set-in-stone rules of the sport. Since then, it has won the hearts and minds of Englishmen and women all over the country, and has become the biggest sport in the entire world.

Of course, with this popularity, come the punters, and bettors, and sportsbooks. Football is the most popular sport to place bets on in the entire world, especially in Europe, Africa and South America, where it is the uncontested champ. Thanks to the rapid development of computer technology in the 20th century, betting today is easier than ever due to the rise of online betting sites. Most betting sites offer a wide variety of sports coverage, as well as a live streaming service, which helps punters follow their favored sport. One of the best streaming services is the bet365 live streaming service. The site also offers the best sports coverage, as well as a number of casino games for punters who also want to try their luck in the card game department.

As England is the creator of the game of football as we know it today, and the English are some of the most passionate football fans, in this article we are going to celebrate English football, by looking at some of England’s best clubs.

Manchester United

Manchester United is England’s most popular football team, and in contention for being one of the biggest football clubs in the entire world, often competing for the title against Real Madrid. The team, once upon a time, dominated the highest tiers of English football, often times ranking on top, and being a fan favorite, not just among casual watchers, but also bettors. It used to be, that online betting sites and land-based sportsbooks would always list Manchester United as the odds-on favorite to win a match, or even come out on top in the Premier League.

However, Manchester United has dropped significantly in the Premier League rankings. According to the most recent rankings, Manchester United is ranked 7th in the Premier League, which is a significant drop from the last rankings, in which they were ranked 2nd.


Liverpool is the fifth most popular football club in England, and is ranked 3rd in the current, 2021/22 Premier League. For the past two Premier Leagues, Liverpool has held the 3rd ranking, and they’ve consistently remained in the top echelon. In the 2019/20 Premier League, Liverpool were the highest ranked team, beating out Manchester City, United and Chelsea.

In their long and storied career, Liverpool have won nineteen League Titles, seven Football Association Cups, and a record eight League Cups. They are just as successful on the international scene, where they have won six European Cups, more than any English club.


By fans alone, Arsenal is the 4th most popular English football team, with close to 40 million fans and followers. The team is also ranked fourth in the 2021/22 Premier League official rankings, a marked improvement from last year’s eight spot. The Gunners, as they are called, have won numerous trophies and been recognized on numerous occasions, with one of their biggest achievements being their record-setting 13 league titles (with one of them being an unbeaten title). They've been in the doldrums for a few years but now seem to be heading in the right direction again, so their fans will be hoping that the team can Crack the Code and start challenging for the Premier league title once again.

Manchester City

Manchester City is the 3rd most popular football club in England, with just over 40 million fans the world over. Manchester City is also one of the top ranking teams in the Premier League, ranking at the number one spot, not just in 2021/22, but also in 2020/21. The team has also been ranking in the top echelon consistently for the past several years. In terms of revenue, Manchester City is the sixth biggest football club in the entire world.


The last team we will be taking a look at is Chelsea, who are currently ranked 2nd in the Premier League. This ranking is a marked improvement from the past two years, when Chelsea was ranked 4th in the official Premier League rankings. The team has won numerous awards, and are in the top 10 highest-value football clubs in the world, with a worth exceeding 2 billion pounds. In 2003, the team was purchased by Roman Abramovich, a Russian-Israeli billionaire, who still owns the team to this day.