Interesting Football Headlines from Around the World

Football has grown beyond a sport. It's a global movement; a culture perhaps. One that takes on the full gear in the yuletide season, and not just the English Premier League. There's action from different leagues and tenants of football, and supporters can't seem to get enough of them.

This tight spread of football actions has also been a source of concern, especially when one regards the part of football players, managers, and the clubs. Here are some football updates that has been making the rounds this period:

Arsenal's coach believes Bukayo Saka needs more space to harness his potential

After their match against Brighton, Mikel Arteta called everyone to be cautious of the 19-year-old player and allow him to grow at his pace. The English player scored the third goal against Chelsea on boxing day.

He followed that man-of-the-match performance with another stunning performance at Amex Stadium. Since he emerged as the man-of-the-match for both matches, many praises and attention have been on him.

The coach is careful and has made it clear that there are no intentions of making the youngster develop faster than natural. This progression is perhaps what Bukayo Saka needs to stake his claim in the English national team.

The left midfielder's future with the Gunners promising, but things might go downhill if there's too much pressure or expectations on him.

Coaching veteran Sam Allardyce advocates for break amid new coronavirus cases

Many schools-of-thought have maintained that football's resumption across the world is a bit premature. After 18 people tested positive for the virus during the last round of testing, football should give this narrative more attention.

The West Brom coach is advocating for a break in the choking circuit of league matches. After his 5 - 0 home loss to Leeds United, he declared his worries over the more brutal nature of the virus's newly discovered variant.

The league has seen a lot of postponement, which is terrible for sports in general. For the sake of everyone, the 66-year-old manager believes safety should be the topmost priority.

How words from the sidelines helped in Man United's late winner

The match between Manchester United and Wolverhampton Wanderers was a very decisive win. Marcus Rashford got a yellow card in the 50th minute and scored the only goal at stoppage time.

When the game almost ended in a draw, United's assistant coach and Harry Maguire hit the sideline. These two seemed most eager for the win as they were cheering the players. Mike Phelan demanded more drive from the back while Maguire was motivating the players with cheers.

Fans also saw him throwing complaints at the Wolves' gaffer for his team's tough tackles. The sideline remains an essential part of the pitch as veteran coaches like Jose Mourinho have earned a reputation for the strong influence on games from the sidelines.

Barcelona's league draw reiterates need for player like Neymar as suggested by Messi

Barcelona managed to draw Eibar with a 67th-minute goal from Ousmane Dembele. Like most games this season, Antoine Griezmann could not prove his £105 million worth on the pitch. He was signed in 2019 as an edge to win the UEFA Champions League.

Although Lionel Messi wanted Barcelona to sign Neymar, the fuzz surrounding the Brazilian's exit from the club and the price tag on him made it very difficult. Perhaps the club will reunite Lionel Messi with the Brazilian in this coming transfer window to give Barcelona a better claim to La Liga title and the Champions League.

Lastly, so many football clubs see this period as opportunities to stake their claim for the title. The choking football fixtures are a burst of exciting games that fans look forward to every year. Fans can now enjoy live streaming from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of their devices.