Top 10 Players Skyrocked their Value

The EPL is undoubtedly one of the football leagues in the world with outstanding players. Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, some players have appreciated in terms of value in the EPL transfer market. Below is a list of the top 10 players that increased greatly in value in the transfers Premier League.

1. Raheem Sterling (Present Club: Manchester City)

The 25-year-old English forward player is the highest valued in the EPL at present, with an estimated value of €223.7 million. Sterling has been increasing in value since he moved to Liverpool. The striker's value has now quadrupled on joining Man-City from Liverpool.

2. Mohammed Salah (Present Club: Liverpool FC)

Mo Salah is the second player on the list with a value of €175.1 Million. He is arguably one of the most deadly strikers in the world. The Egyptian player was one of the key players alongside Mane that fought for the Reds victory in the Champions League last season. The 27-year-old player scored 16 goals in a total of 26 appearances this season in the EPL.

3. Sadio Mane (Present Club: Liverpool FC)

The Senegalese have an estimated value of €155.6 Million in the EPL market. Out of a total of 26 appearances in the last season, Mane scored a total of 19 goals with 9 assists for the Reds. Based on his outstanding performance, he has always been a target for several reputable clubs.

4. Harry Kane (Present Club: Tottenham Hotspurs)

The 26-year-old English player is one of the best strikers in Europe. Since he made his career debut for the Hotspur in 2014, he has maintained his outstanding performance. Kane is ranked 4th on the list, with an estimated market worth of €150.5 million.

5. Marcus Rashford (Present Club: Manchester United)

Rashford with an estimated value of €134.3 million has been performing amazingly well since his first appearance for the Reds in 2016. The young player has achieved some feats and is ready to do more.

6. Gabriel Jesus (Present Club: Manchester City )

The 22 years old striker is the first Brazilian on the list with a worth of €115.6 million. Based on his age, his value is likely to rise in the nearest future.

7. James Maddison (Present Club: Leichester)

Maddison has an estimated value of €112.4 million making him the fourth most valued British football player after Sterling, Kane, and Rashford.

8. Roberto Firmino (Present Club: Liverpool )

The Brazilian native player, Firmino, sits as the 8th most valued player in the English League with an estimated value of €111.5 million.

9. Trent Alexander Arnold (Present Club: Liverpool)

The full RB player is one of the best with an excellent crossing skill. Arnold is the youngest player on this list, with an estimated worth of €110.5 million.

10. Richarlison de Andrande (Present Club: Everton FC)

The 22-year-old Brazilian striker sits at the bottom of the list with a value of €104.0 Million. Richarlison has scored a total of 10 goals in 27 EPL games in this season. He made his debut to the Premier League in 2017 for an estimated transfer fee of €12. At present, his market value has now skyrocketed to about 5 times his transfer fee.