How the Premier League Gave New Life to English Football

Although football, in its current format, originated in England, the Island wasn't always successful at maintaining its popularity among the fans. In fact, one such period gave birth to one of the most popular leagues in the world — the Premier League.

Let's take a look at the origin of the most popular football competition in the UK (or perhaps even the world, after the World Cup).

State of Football Before the Premier League

The national team of England was pretty decent during the 70s and the early 80s, and many thought it was the beginning of the golden era, but the late 80s proved otherwise. At that point, it seemed that football was neglected and many stadiums started to crumble. To make matters worse, hooligans started appearing everywhere.

Compared to La Liga and Serie A, English football was a total disaster. Television stations did not pay enough money and clubs demanded more TV time as well as more income from TV rights.


The person who was responsible for providing the foundation for the Premier League was Greg Dyke who acted as the managing director of LWT back in 1990. He met all the representatives of the five most popular clubs back then over dinner and suggested to them to create the Premier League. The concept of the Premier League was in no way similar to the Football League that was active back in the day.

The concept of the Premier League allowed the best clubs to get more TV time, and it seemed like a great way to give football its former glory. However, there was one organisation standing in their way — The Football Association. You may have heard of them since they have been running the FA Cup for a very long time.

The FA eventually gave permission by publishing a report called Blueprint for the Future of Football. It didn't take long before the rules and founding members were set. The first Premier League competition started in 1992.

State of Affairs Nowadays

The league grew up to become so popular that it even surpassed the Italian and Spanish league. The residents of England are once again proud to have a strong league of their own, which gave us thousands of hours of high-quality football.

Apart from football itself, there's a huge community of punters who love and support the league by placing bets. In fact, sports betting plays an important role and is an integral part of the Premier League. Betting is very important in every sport, and football in the UK (and Europe, in general) has been closely tied to this activity.

Many punters often seek the best place to find free betting tips for the Premier League and then enhance their experience by betting on their favourite teams. Every weekend when the Premier League games take place, punters go to sports-books of their choice (either online or land-based) and place various kinds of bets. Betting on football, in general, has had a long and fruitful tradition, but the Premier League is what punters from the entire world bet the most on.

Conclusion: It's All About Football

During the 2000s, the most dominant clubs were Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United. However, some new teams have joined the “big four” after almost a decade of their dominance. The newcomers — Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City — are now among the strongest clubs in the country that brought about a new balance to the league.

Many people believe that the Premier League offers the purest form of football nowadays and that it has a very bright future ahead of it.