Top Football Betting Wins

Betting on Football can be quite tricky and unpredictable. Most of the people don't get to see big wins even if they continue to bet for their favourite football teams or any team they think might win. But people still continue betting because of those cases when people actually win big sums of money by making a bet that cost them no more then £2 in some cases. There are also a couple of things everyone can learn to become better at betting so looking up this sports betting guide surely can help. That is why it has stuck around for so long and that why some people do it for years. Here we've collected some of the outstanding wins form football bets that have changed the lives of winners.

Top football betting wins by the accumulation

  1. A Londoner managed to predict eight consecutive match outcomes while the games were already taking place and even placed £100 on the team's people thought couldn't turn the game around and win. By doing so, he scooped the biggest accumulator win in the history of sports betting. The man ended up winning £650,000 by betting on games between West ham and Stoke, Charlton, and Sheffield Wednesday, Coventry against Leyton Orient, Fulham and Wigan, Coventry City against Leyton Orient and getting it right every time.
  2. The second biggest win belongs to an anonymous better than bet on Premier League rivals, Chelsea and Liverpool. He placed a 19-match accumulator in 2011 on Liverpool, who till the very end of the game was seemingly losing until, Glen Johnson scored the goal 3 minutes before the end of the game, granting the winner his £585,000.
  3. The third biggest win belongs to a Manchester fan who won a huge jackpot of £500,000 after betting on Bayern Munich to win the Champions League by placing just 30p and breaking the odds of 1,666,666/1. In addition to that, the better correctly predicted the top five English leagues and three lower Scottish divisions.
  4. In the fourth place of the outstanding bets is the anonymous person who bet £2.5 pounds only. His little contribution grew in a £272,000 gain, The bookmakers Ladbroker's largest payout ever! This particular better chose a nine-match accumulator and chose mostly the teams that weren't supposed to win. He bet on Wolverhampton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers, Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona in Copa del Rey. This strategy won his a sum on £272,000 making this one of the most successful bets ever.
  5. Our next top win comes from Leicester City's win in the Premier League back in 2015/2016. This was an unlikely win but the one that brought £200.000 to a lucky better. This better started out by placing £100 bet in the middle of the season. He would have more than doubled his wins had he placed those bet a little earlier, but still betting on the underdog during the premier League really helped this anonymous better.
  6. This next win started as a £1 bet but brought £170,000 for the better in the end. This case is special also because apparently, this was the first bet from the 33-year-old from Cambridgeshire. The story also goes that his bet was just an attempt to gain some more money to put in t savings account for his young son. Well, he definitely got everything he wanted out of the bet. The 33-year old bet on Leyton Orient and won.
  7. One of the youngest winners to ever score a big amount of money from betting on sports was a 22-year-old. He bet on Manchester City, that won that game by 5-1 against Bournemouth. He has a 10-match accumulator and ended up scoring big time. The 22-year-old George Wood promised to spend his money wisely and set up a business with his win.
  8. Next on our list is a Chelsea fan. Dean Clay managed to successfully predict the outcome of all 14 games, and bet just £2 on an accumulator. He ended up winning £92,944. In 2015, after West Brom and Burnley, his last bet, were playing against each other Dean was too afraid to watch the game. After the initial realization that he has won, he was under the impression that he just won £69,000 only to find out later that he has actually accumulated £23,944 more.