Rashford Remains Optimistic For A Top Four Finish

Even the most ardent Manchester United fans would struggle to believe that a top four finish in the Premier League is still on the cards this season. Marcus Rashford, however, still firmly believes that while it will be tough, it is not impossible.

Speaking to Soccer Saturday, Rashford acknowledged that United need to get back to playing good football, and that they just need to bounce back.

He said: “I always think with home games, if you're energetic on the pitch, you're making runs and you're lively, you win games more often than not.

Which is all well and good yet Manchester United have struggled so badly this season, it's difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the Reds this season. By October 20th they had recorded their worst start to a league campaign in 33 years, following their draw with Liverpool. Taking a miniscule 10 points from their opening nine games, Utd found themselves just two points clear of the relegation zone.

Things improved in the following three games when Utd notched up wins against Partizan in the Europa League, Norwich in the Premier League and Chelsea in the Football League Cup. But true to form, they were unable to maintain the streak and promptly went out and lost to Bournemouth, dropping three valuable points that would have moved them from 10th in the table up to 7th.

They simply don't have the consistency of Liverpool or Manchester City who, it now appears, are in a two horse race to the finish. Once again the two footballing giants are going toe-to-toe, with Liverpool producing the best start having won two more games than their rivals at this stage of the proceedings.

Can Liverpool, under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp, win their first title in 30 years? So far so good for the Anfield side who have yet to lose a game this season.

If Manchester United really plans to finish in the top four they are going to have to step up their game to monumental levels. Rashford added: “The consistency in the performance and the consistency in the games you win are two completely different things.

"Out of 38 league games, you're not going to play well 38 times but just because you don't play well, doesn't mean you can't win the game and that's the thing we can improve on. When we're not quite playing at our best, we can find a way to get over the line.”

Even if they can get over that line, they still have some serious club issues. With manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer odds on to leave Old Trafford by Christmas and a potential Glazer buy-out on the cards as well as the £500m debt that they saddled the club with, things are looking pretty grim for the Red Devils at the moment.