3 Most Valuable Football Clubs by Revenue

There's always fascination for the over the top contracts some of the top football players get, but if fans were to apply the same amount of scrutiny to the amount of money football clubs generate in revenue, not only on ticket sales, but advertisement, concessions, and the brand itself, they would realise that players are actually only getting a small piece of the pie.

Football clubs are big business, and they always seem to find ways to make money, no matter what the economic climate is like. Still, millions of fans continue to flock to the stands to watch their heroes every week and are more than happy to spend their hard-earned money to do so. So, evidently, these clubs might be doing something right. Let's take a look at some of the most lucrative clubs in the sport of football today and how they got there.

1 - Real Madrid

While Real Madrid came at number two for the most lucrative football club for six years in a row, they've now taken the number one spot. The club racked in £665.2 million in 2019. While a lot of it came from television deals and putting a good product on the pitch, one of the ways they've been able to do so is by cutting costs, especially on things like energy.

And plenty of English clubs have been taking notes, using services like Utility Bidder that allow them to compare energy prices for sports clubs. A mix of good management and great sponsorship deals are part of the reason why the club was able to be so successful in 2019, and we can expect it to continue leading into next year.

2 - FC Barcelona

Real Madrid's arch-rival FC Barcelona came at second on this list with £611.6 million in revenue in 2019. And that's after making over £40 million more than last year on the same date. A large portion of that money came from their new sponsor deal with Rakuten and Nike. In addition, the club made over £200 million in TV rights and over £144 million in ticket sales. And while the sale of Neymar's massive contract did not count towards revenue, it did add to the club's valuation, which sits at around 2.98 billion euros at the time of writing.

3 - Manchester United

Manchester United is the number one most lucrative club in England, and the third in the world. The club generated £590 Million in 2019 and is now valued at around £3.1 billion. The club was able to get to this spot despite a £10 million dip in revenue compared to last year. They were able to generate over half of their revenue in merchandising and sponsorship alone, namely with US car maker Chevrolet and kit sponsor Adidas.


These three teams are not only three of the most iconic football clubs in the world, but three of the biggest brands. They've done so by maximising their brand power, forming strategic sponsorship deals, great management, and of course, with the support of myriads of adoring fans barging through the gates.