Spurs Lingerie and Other Strange Products Aimed At Football Fans

There's no denying it: we're a nation of football lovers. We play football, we watch football and we splash a lot of our hard-earned cash on football-related stuff. As well as the usual things you'd expect - like kits, shirts and sports equipment -, you can find some rather surprising football products available these days.

Take Subbuteo for instance. There's probably not a bloke born between 1945 and 1980 who doesn't remember this bizarre table game's heyday. It lets you flick players stuck to giant weights at a ball big enough to crush them. Though Subbuteo's popularity took something of a dip when video game consoles hit the market in the ‘90s, the game's been making a comeback in recent years. You'll now find hundreds of editions for sale online and on the high street.

And Subbuteo's certainly not the only strange game aimed at football fans. At online casino sites like BGO, you'll find a range of slot machines themed around the beautiful game. There's one that's been raising a few eyebrows recently: Benchwarmer Football Girls. This slot allows you to stake as little as a penny a spin to play alongside a team of scantily-clad footie babes.

Speaking of cheeky football babes. . . Who knew there were people buying Tottenham Hotspurs lingerie? That's right, the official Spurs Shop sells a range of lacy bras, knickers and garters brandishing the club crest. We're not sure about you, but we'd be interested to know what our other halves made of it!

Check out our full list of strange football products below. Let us know if you've got anything to add to it.