Cristiano Ronaldo (and Other Footballers) Who Love Bingo

When it comes to footballers and their love of gaming you may be surprised to hear what so many of them pick as their “game of choice”. If you guessed bingo you'd be right on the money. Yes we are talking about the game that we typically associate with seniors sitting around in a bingo hall. Well here's the thing, today's bingo isn't your grandma's bingo, far from it in fact! When you find big football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo hooked on it, you know something is up.

Bingo - the Sports Stars Game of Choice?

While you may picture all the top footballers such as Ronaldo playing high stakes card games, the fact of the matter is that they've gone with a much more classic game - the game of bingo. Not only is this game easy to understand and fun to play, but it's got some actual physical and mental benefits to it that footballers are getting in to.

It doesn't matter if you play bingo at home with a traditional card and markers, or check online sites like Landmark Bingo for digital versions, any style of bingo is excellent for mental alertness. It helps with memory training, visual training, and even hand-eye coordination. All of these are skills that pro footballers need to succeed.

Then there's the fact that when you're playing online against random opponents there is bound to be some smack talk going on. As Ronaldo has stated, this chat between him and other players has actually helped him to work on his English skills. Who would have thought? It all started when he was given a bingo video game one year at Christmas, and since then he's pretty much become hooked on the game.

When you think about all the football players who play for teams in countries other than their home country, the fact it can help with English skills makes even more sense. Ronaldo has stated it played a key role when he joined Manchester United with limited English skills yet needed to be able to communicate with his team-mates.

Spreading Outside of Sports

And it doesn't stop at the sports stars, even Hollywood stars are admitting to their love of bingo. One Hollywood star who admits to being a huge bingo fanatic is Catherine Zeta-Jones. In fact, if you look up celebrities who play bingo, she is usually top of the list. She has gone so far as to make her own cards and balls to play with on a regular basis. If you've wondered what the Jones/Douglas family do at Christmas, the answer is bingo! Apparently, it has been a family tradition of theirs for years now.

Other notable stars who have a love of bingo include Courtney Cox, Sharon Osbourne, Russell Crowe, and Mick Jagger. In Russell Crowe's case, he was actually a bingo caller before he became an actor. Now that's really taking the love of the game to a new level! If you've ever wondered what kind of parties Mick Jagger throws, there's a good chance you didn't assume they were massive bingo parties, but that's exactly what he does with his friends.

Bingo - A Universal Game with Many Benefits

Bingo is one of those cool games that spans across all ages and both sexes. Even kids love the game of bingo. It's easy to understand, fun and addictive to play, and it's got all kinds of mental and physical benefits that many games just don't have. It seems as though Ronaldo is only one of many professional athletes and celebrities that have become hooked on this game.