The Escape to Victory Allies Line-up

Remember that DVD of the Escape to Victory that sits in the sideboard ? Well, it's time to see if you ever took the wrapper off that gift from your kids, and test your knowledge of one cinema's classic football-themed films, as we look at how the Allies lined-up against the German team....

Attack   10. Luis Fernandez 9. Sid Harmor  
  (Brazil) (England)  
  (Pele) (Mike Summerbee)  
Midfield 11. Erik Ball 7. Arthur Hayes 6. Terry Brady 8. Carlos Rey
(Denmark) (Scotland) (England) (Argentina)
(Soren Lindsted) (John Wark) (Bobby Moore) (Osvaldo Ardiles)
Defence 3. Captain John Colby 5. Doug Clure 4. Pieter Van Beck 2. Michel Fileu
(England) (England) (Holland) (Belgium)
(Michael Caine) (Russell Osman) (Co Prins) (Paul Van Himst)
Nets   1. Robert Hatch  
  (Sylvester Stallone)  
Subs Paul Wolchek (Poland) (Kazimierz Deyna) Substituted Arthur Hayes
Gunnar Hilsson (Norway) (Hallvar Thoresen) Substituted Pieter van Beck
Tony Lewis (Ireland) (Kevin O'Callaghan) Injured before kick-off (broken arm)