Fancy That ! The 10 Most Un-Brazilian Named Brazilian Footballers

Does it get any better than calling a young Brazilian Bismarck ? or Muller ?

Well yes, it does. Doff your caps to Mr and Mrs da Costa Silva, who we presume were fans of the Everton utility player Alan Harper, and gave their youngster one of the finest names in football.

Anyway, here's our top 10...

No.1 "Alan"

Alan Osorio da Costa Silva (Clubs: FC Porto)

No.2 "Bismarck"

Bismarck Barreto Faria (Clubs: Vasco da Gama)

No.3 "Muller"

Luiz Antonio da Costa (Clubs: Sao Paulo, Torino)

No.4 "Hulk"

Washington Cesar Santos (Clubs: Porto)

No.5 "Fred"

Frederico Chaves Guedes (Clubs: Cruzeiro, Lyon)

No.6 "Roger"

Roger Galera Flores (Clubs: Fluminense, Benfica)

No.7 "Larry"

Larry Pinto de Faria (Clubs: Internacional)

No.8 "Maxwell"

Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade (Clubs: Ajax, Inter Milan)

No.9 "Wilson"

Wilson da Silva Piazza (Clubs: Cruzeiro E.C.)

No.10 "Creedence Clearwater"

Creedence Clearwater Couto (Clubs: Lierse SK)

And just outside the Top 10...


Cassio de Souza Soares (Clubs: Atletico Mineiro, Schalke 04)


Edinaldo Batista Libanio (Clubs: Wolfsburg)