Fancy That ! Viz Characters in Football

If there's two things we love at MD Towers, it's football and Viz.

Which got us thinking....

Baxter Basics

Sepp Blatter

Ones a morally bankrupt crook in a suit, the other a fictional Tory MP on the pages of an adult comic.

Eight Ace

Wayne Rooney

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Wayne might be a bit ugly and lacking in the brains department but he at least seemed coherent and mostly teetotal. Not any more. Urinating in the streets and bellowing raucously after a marathon session is straight out of the Ace play book. Of course Rooney can afford a higher class of lager (Budvar perhaps) but the end result is the same... living in a shed outside the family home (see Nike World Cup advert for proof).

The Postie


"He's a miserable bastard" goes the tag-line for this much loved comedy character. And The Postie.

Roger Irrelevant

Robbie Savage

As he garbles on nonsensically about the current state of his Aramani tattoo, how rubbish he is compared to the players that he's 'pundit-ing', and making out-of-context comments regarding his lovely hair and the price of cheese, one can only come to the conclusion that Robbie, like Roger, is completely hat-stand.

Roger Mellie

John Terry

John Terry - the man on the telly. Has a nice ring to it. John simply can't help putting his foot in it. And other parts of his anatomy. Just like Roger. And like Roger, John just keeps inexplicably popping up on the television long after you thought his latest faux pas should have put paid to an ailing career. During World Cups mainly.

Sid the Sexist

Big Ron Atkinson

Ron famously said a women's place is "in the kitchen, the discotheque and the boutique" rather than in football. This ably demonstrated not only his sexist attitude but also the fact that Ron never really left the 1970s. Sid would've approved (if he was real as opposed to a cartoon character).

Terry Fu*kwitt

Rio Ferdinand

Terry's got shit for brains but that's not where the comparison ends. He's also a PlayStation obsessed, Ferrari driving, practical joke loving multi-millionaire who plays for one of England's leading clubs. No. Hang on a minute, he isn't. But they both have shit for brains.