Fancy That ! 10 Surprising facts about Graeme Le Saux

And there were so many more we could have included... Graeme's love of Baywatch, his On the Buses memorabilia collection (including the now priceless Blakey "I 'ate you Butler!" talk-as-you-pour tea-pot), and his mackerel phobia.

Anyway, 10 facts you probably didn't know about the ex-England left back...

  • 1 Contrary to popular belief, he doesn't read the Guardian. Its the Sport every time for our Graeme.
  • 2 Graeme's supermarket of choice is Lidl. He hates Waitrose with a passion.
  • 3 He actually prefers lager-top to fine wine.
  • 4 For a thrill seeker like Graeme, he likes nothing better than zipping round the local estate in his illegally owned mini moto.
  • 5 Holidaymakers! For those of you in Benidorm this summer, keep an eye out for Graeme. He'll be there with his extended family. About 40 Le Sauxs are taking over the Hotel Copacabana Sol for a fortnight in July. All staff leave has been cancelled!
  • 6 Graeme has been known to react aggressively in posh restaurants if they haven't got his favourite dish of turkey twizzlers and micro chips, all washed down with Panda Cola.
  • 7 And remember folks, Graeme will only drink his Panda Cola in a posh restaurant if it's served with a bendy straw.
  • 8 Like his Hollywood pal Jude Law, Graeme is a firm follower of the Cult of Stiltonia - the belief that 40% of cheese is made out of water. Feeling thirsty ? Pop round to Graeme's and watch him squeeze a pound of Stilton into pure water.
  • 9 You'd expect Graeme to be as green and environmentally friendly as they come. Well think again ! His neighbours often see him laughing whilst having plastic bonfires, burning tractor tyres, and shoving old prams into the nearby canal.
  • 10 Staying with the environment, Graeme once told Gavin Peacock, off air on MoTD2, that he'd bought his wife a Toyota Prius. He'd done nothing of the sort. He'd just bought her a Hummer! When Peacock found out and challenged him, off air on MoTD2, Le Saux retorted aggressively "If they're good enough for Chris Eubank, they're good enough for me!". Peacock backed off immediately.