Fancy That ! 10 Surprising facts about Terry Butcher

We know he's hard. We know he loves a bit of a scrap. And we know he hates pastry.

But what else is there to know about Singapore's greatest ever centre half ?

  • 1 Somewhat surprisingly being named Butcher, Terry hates the smell of meat. Strict vegetarian Terry says "I don't dig pork, and the slightest whiff of lamb shanks makes me really poorly".
  • 2 Terry used to be an avid backstage admirer of Eastenders, but since his Uncle Frank tragically died a few years ago, trips to the set have become less frequent. Secretly Terry doesn't see eye to eye with the ginger, jellied eel loving, pie and mash, apple and pears 'Hows your Farver' cockney gobshite Bianca (his words not ours).
  • 3 7'6" tall Terry nearly didn't play in the 82 World Cup, due to the fact that kit man at the time Gerry 'got any tape' Trollope forgot to pack his extra long shirt, and the only spare one was Mick Mills. Quick thinking Gerry got out his sewing kit and joined together the Ipswich's' pair, just 5 minutes before the opening game against France.
  • 4 Terry's infamous bleeding bonce during the game against Sweden in 1989 was not a clash of heads, but 5 secret tomato sauce sachets attached to his head, that exploded unexpectedly during the match. Terry said "I've played with the sachets under my hair for the last 10 years without incident so I can't believe they burst. Heinz claimed that the sell by date had expired by nearly a decade and so were not to blame.
  • 5 Lets all have a disco ! Terry and Chris Waddle's air pumping dance after the win against Belgium in Italia 90 was the brainchild of non other than Professor Stephen Hawkins. He was later heard saying in the changing room that that dance gave him more satisfaction than inventing play dough.
  • 6 As a youngster Terry was 3 times the Domino Chasing Champion of Singapore, and still holds the record to this day of 2 and a quarter miles.
  • 7 At the age of six Terry had the chance to sign with Liverpool, but it all fell through after he heard Ronnie Moran say to a member of staff "Terry will be at home here, he'll really love Shanks." Not realising that Ronnie actually meant Bill Shankly and suddenly fearing that he was about to be force-fed lamb cost Terry a career at Anfield.
  • 8 Terry spends his spare time relaxing, watching endless repeats of The Gong Show, listening to Adamski, and painting walnuts with lipstick between his toes.
  • 9 Terry, ex-manager of Sunderland, Coventry and Motherwell, now co-managers and trains a team of trapeze artists at Rick Hazzards Fun Circus in Lowestoft.
  • 10 Terry once lived in the Outer Hebrides for 3 years during his stint at Rangers, and had to commute to the mainland standing on the back of 2 sharks, paying homage to his favourite Scooby Doo villain, Ironface.