Fancy That ! 10 Surprising facts about Trevor Brooking

He's a knight of the realm, he likes charity do's, he's probably the nicest person on these shores since Wilson from Dad's Army, and know he's try to save English football from going down the pan.

Yes, it's Sir Trevor Brooking, and here are our 10 surprising facts about him...

  • 1 Trevor is quite rightly proud of never, ever, swearing, and at a recent charity get together he said "I never swear me. The closest I've ever been was when my missus lost one of me episodes of Mash. But I managed to hold my tongue".
  • 2 At a recent charity do 'Sir Trev' told fellow party-goers of his love for fruit machines, saying "Yes, it's true, I love a good half hour on a frootie". But he hates quiz machines.
  • 3 Due to Trevor's humble up-bringing it was years before he could afford proper football boots. In fact, if you look closely at footage of the 1980 FA Cup Final you can clearly see 'Trevski' tottering about on an old pair of his mothers high heels, painted black for effect and with false laces stuck on with Araldite.
  • 4 'Owd Trevo' once tried to branch out into acting by auditioning for the part of Don Logan in Sexy Beast alongside Ray Winstone and Andy Peters, but missed out as he couldn't bring himself to swear.
  • 5 At a not so long ago charity bash 'the Trevmeister' told of his love of caravanning. He said "I love it. You can go anywhere in Britain and just park up in any old lay by and then cook some bacon."
  • 6 'Brooko' was famous for his jokes at West Ham. One incident involved him, Alan Devonshire's kit bag, Phil Parkes' gloves and a small piece of sick. When questioned about it during a recent fund raiser Trev said with a grin "It wasn't me Guv - it was that Geoff Pike".
  • 7 He's famous for not being able to pronounce "Birmynum" properly, although he recently admitted at a church roof appeal that it was because he actually thought that's what it was called.
  • 8 During his days as a pundit Brooking would have audiences roaring with laughter with his catchphrase 'nevergotminnywivmeead' whenever they showed his winning cup final goal for West Ham in 1980. 'Nevergotminnywivmeead', which roughly translated meant that he scored few headed goals, was deliciously ironic as Brooking was a prodigious header of the ball in training. Strangely, he couldn't translate this into his league form, which might be explained by his fear of going over on his ankle after landing in his mother's high heels.
  • 9 Contrary to popular belief 'Trev boy' hasn't appeared on Match of the Day as a pundit since 1987, largely because of his flatulence. Alan Hansen once said of him "Yes, it's true. Sitting next to Trevor was like sitting next to a dead dog..."
  • 10 There is no truth whatsoever in the rumour that Trevor was a founder member of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band.