Copa America Mascots

Back in the mid 80's when CONMEBOL decided to take the Copa America on the road to each member country, it also decided to introduce mascots for each of the hosts. But surely they didn't expect such a bizarre set of designs...

1987 Argentina

1987 Argentina "Gardelito" A kid in an Argentina shirt. With a ball.

1989 Brazil

1989 Brazil "Tico" Cute duck in a random football kit. With a ball.

1991 Chile

1991 Chile "Guaso" Looks a bit like Roger Mellie (from Viz) in a Chile kit. With a ball.

1993 Ecuador

1993 Ecuador "Choclito" Our favourite. A sweetcorn in an Ecuador kit. With a ball.

1995 Uruguay

"Torito" A bull in a Uruguay kit. With a ball.

1997 Bolivia

1997 Bolivia "Tatu" It's obviously an armadillo in a Bolivia kit. With a ball.

1999 Paraguay

1999 Paraguay "Tagua" The Paraguayans step it up a gear in 1999, with a Chacoan Peccary in the colours of Paraguay's flag, rather than its football kit. The cheeky young scamp is having a drink and giving us a wave. Oh yes, and it has the compulsory ball.

2001 Colombia

2001 Colombia "Ameriko" Appears to be a Pokemon character. Booting a rather flat ball.

2004 Peru

2004 Peru "Chasqui" This is more like it. An ancient Inca of Peru, doing keepy-uppys down the wing.

2007 Venezuela

2007 Venezuela "Guaky" A macaw dressed in the colours of La Vinotinto. And guess what he has under his wing ?