Top 10 Football Mullets

The Mullet - A hairstyle that is formed by cutting the hair short on both the top and sides and growing the hair long at the back.

No.1 Barry Venison The mullet that wouldn't die.

Barry Venison

There can only be only be one winner in the mullet stakes, and for us it has to be Barry Venison. Whilst many a mullet-related argument down the pub may end with Chris Waddle being given the nod, we feel the ex-Liverpool, Sunderland and Newcastle defender's dedication to the mullet makes him number 1. Bazza even kept faith in the mullet when his playing career ended and the ITV punditry work started, so imagine his horror when he awoke from a power-nap shortly before going on air to discover that one of the make-up girls had chopped it all off, put a a pair of specs on him, and burnt all his hideous cardigans. It;s no wonder he left shortly afterwards in disgust and moved over to California. However, Barry's association with the mullet never dies and he has since been offered a job in a special show called the Mullet Hunter.

No.2 Chris Waddle A legend amongst mullets.

Chrissy Waddle

Many people's number one, but for us just behind Mr Venison comes Marseille and Wednesday legend Chrissy Waddle, probably by the length of a bad fringe. Like Venison, he would later adopt a nice clean short-back-and-sides look, but no-one was really interested in that.