The Rossoneri, Giallorossi, Bianconeri... Italian Club's Colour Nicknames

Ok, so we all love James Richardson - the bloke is a legend of continental football TV coverage, but did you ever find yourself slightly confused as he sipped an espresso, looked longingly at one of those fancy ice-cream sundaes and then started chatting about the "Rossoneri", the "Giallorossi" or the "Nerazzurri" ?

Well, if you don't know your Bianconeri from your Biancorossi then this is the place for you, as we list the colour nicknames of all the major Italian football clubs...

Club Nickname Translation
Club   Ascoli Bianconeri The White-blacks
Club   Atalanta Nerazzurri The Black-blues
Club   Avellino Biancoverdi The White-greens
Club   Bologna Rossoblu The Red-blues
Club   Brescia Biancoazzurri The White-blues
Club   Cagliari Rossoblu The Red-blues
Club   Catania Rossazzurri The Red and light-blues
Club   Empoli Azzurri The Blues
Club   Fiorentina La Viola The Purple Ones
Club   Frosinone Gialloazzurri The Yellow and light-blues
Club   Genoa Rossoblu The Red-blues
Club   Inter Nerazzurri The Black-blues
Club   Juventus Bianconeri The White-blacks
Club   Lazio Biancocelesti The White and sky-blues
Club   Lecce Giallorossi The Yellow-reds
Club   Livorno Amaranto The Dark reds
Club   Messina Giallorossi The Yellow-reds
Club   AC Milan Rossoneri The Red-blacks
Club   Modena Gialloblu The Yellow-blues
Club   Napoli Azzurri The Blues
Club   Palermo Rosanero The Pink-blacks
Club   Parma Gialloblu The Yellow-blues
Club   Piacenza Biancorossi The White-reds
Club   Pisa Nerazzurri The Black-blues
Club   Ravenna Giallorossi The Yellow-reds
Club   Reggina Amaranto The Dark-reds
Club   Rimini Biancorosso The White-reds
Club   Roma Giallorossi The Yellow-reds
Club   Sampdoria Blucerchiati The Blue-rings
Club   Siena Bianconeri The White-blacks
Club   Torino Granata The Maroons
Club   Udinese Bianconeri The White-blacks
Club   Verona Gialloblu The Yellow-blues
Club   Vicenza Biancorossi The White-reds