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Flag   Midfield Dynamo's 2010 World Cup Bingo

List Ok, if you like the World Cup and you like Bingo, then you'll quite literally love our brand new World Cup Bingo cards below.

We've got some special World Cup bingo cards for you to print off and play with during the 31 days of football in South Africa.

World cup bingo is just a taste of the real thing, come and join the best community bingo online.

How do you play ? Simple. Print out the cards and hand them out during a game, then simply match the numbers with our special list of World Cup spots and cross off the numbers on the cards.

The first one to cross off all their numbers is the winner. 2010 World Cup Bingo Card
3 11 31 42
19 23 49
10 30 40 2010 World Cup Bingo Card
1 14 34 43
17 22 50
9 26 39 2010 World Cup Bingo Card
2 13 21 32 41
18 44
6 29 33 2010 World Cup Bingo Card
5 27 38 45
16 24 47
8 15 36 2010 World Cup Bingo Card
12 25 35 46
4 20 48
7 28 37

Match the items in the list below to the numbers on your world cup bingo card...

1 - A shot of Bobby Moore on someone's shoulders to a backdrop of classical music. In slow motion
2 - Any amusing mention of Chile's Waldo Ponce
3 - A sheep gag relating to Philip Lahm
4 - The first complaint about the ball
5 - A pundit saying "Its going to take a few games for this to settle down" about some sort of Fifa crackdown
6 - Frank Lampard missing a penalty
7 - Clive Tyldesley responding to a shot of Beckham in the crowd when we've got a free kick in a good position by saying "And what would He give to be lining this one up".
8 - Harry Redknapp referring to someone as 'the boy'
9 - James Corden saying something, anything amusing and original in his 'offbeat' look at the World Cup
10 - A reference to "naive" African defending
11 - Gareth Southgate saying the word 'obviously' three times in one comment
12 - John Motson doing his chuckle
13 - A Ronaldo dive
14 - A Drogba dive
15 - Someone from the SNP complaining about the biased coverage for Scottish viewers
16 - Maradona smoking a cigar
17 - Andy Townsend stating that Gerrard and Lampard can play together in central midfield "Its just a matter of one staying when the other goes"
18 - A 32 year old Algerian midfielder we've never heard of who plays for some French 2nd division team knocking the ball about like Riquelme when they play us
19 - A smarmy look on Lee Dixon's face that suggests "I don't know how I got this gig, but I have".
20 - Someone referring to Australia's never-say-die attitude.
21 - The first English player (Barry, Rooney and J.Cole excepted) to comfortably control the ball and slide a pass into the feet of another english player.
22 - Someone mentioning "Catenaccio" during an Italian game or quoting that "Italy's defence has always been the foundation of their teams"
23 - An obscure reference to Heidi or clock-making during a match featuring Switzerland.
24 - News that Argentina's Barra Bravas are alleged to have travelled to South Africa intent on causing chaos.
25 - A pundit saying they're really looking forward to seeing Brazil, despite it being common knowledge that this is the most workmanlike Brazilian side EVER
26 - Same pundit telling us that this Brazilian side is not in the same mould as the 1970 or 1982 side.
27 - Adrian Chiles making a disparaging remark about The One Show
28 - Ledley King wincing and hobbling after some innocuous contact
29 - Manolo the Spanish superfan banging his drum
30 - A commentator saying something crass when Nelson Mandela is on camera like "He endured 27 years of hurt in Robben Island, whereas the Three Lions have suffered for 44!"
31 - A bit of 'expert analysis' telling us that this is the worst German team for years
32 - A bit of 'expert analysis' telling us that you must never write of the Germans (probably from the same pundit, my monies on Townsend) who said the above bit 4 minutes earlier.
33 - A mafia related reference to Capello. Eg, calling him the Godfather.
34 - Ray Winstone appearing as a guest on the Corden show.
35 - Some clip from Brazilian TV of the commentator giving it the old "Goooooooooooaaaaaaaaallllllllll" as if it is still amusing or original.
36 - A fat Englishman barechested at a really cold night match.
37 - Kevin Keegan making some catastrophic blunder that will be talked about for years. "Is Batty going to score Kevin?" "Yes!"
38 - Wayne Rooney effing and blinding at some hapless ref.
39 - British pundit claiming the Premiership is the strongest in the world, because of Rooney, Gerrard, Torres and Drogba whilst blatantly ignoring the fact that the actual top players in the world Messi, Iniesta, Sneyder, Xavi and Ronaldo don't actually ply their trade here.
40 - The Vuvuzela being defended as an intergral part of African culture
41 - The Vuvuzela being attacked as an irritating din that spoils the atmosphere.
42 - The England Band playing the theme tune to the Great Escape.
43 - A WAG in tears.
44 - Crouchy doing 'the robot dance'.
45 - A pundit claiming England would lift the trophy if our season wasn't so long.
46 - An England fan dresses as a St George's knight outfit
47 - A commentator getting his Dong's mixed up in a Korea match (North or South).
47 - A commentator getting his Dong's mixed up in a Korea match (North or South).
48 - A blatant hand-ball from Thierry Henry.
49 - A Holland fan who isn't wearing an orange shirt.
50 - A Mexican Wave.

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