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Meet the owners, a genuinely scary bunch of characters. Don't get us wrong, there's some good ones out there, but believe us when we say it was a hell of a lot easier to compile our top ten most notorious British owners than it was to think up ten decent British owners. The problem was actually leaving the top ten most notorious as a top ten, top one hundred would have been better. Robert Maxwell, Peter Ridsdale, Freddie Shepherd, etc, etc, the list is potentially endless.

The FourFourTwo rich list makes interesting reading, particularly for fans of those clubs whose owner's are in it but have yet to spend a penny. Click here to see if your club has an owner who's loaded.

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Top 10 Decent Owners (British)
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Deadly Doug's Managers
Owner Rich List (FourFourTwo)
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Deadly Doug's managers
Ten Notorious Owners (British)
Owner Rich List (FourFourTwo)
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