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Winter Breaks

Right, lets check out the length of the winter breaks from Europe's major leagues, see which countries are the laziest, and which are heading for burn-out central.

The frost-bitten central European countries obviously have the longest time off, with Austria leading the way with a staggering 75 day lie-in. The German Bundesliga has the biggest break of the big European leagues, no wonder Owen Hargreaves is so content to stay out there, rather than opting for England's good old fashioned 10-games-in-10-days Christmas bonanza. In fact, the English and Scottish (the Scots tried it, but didn't like it) leagues are the only ones who dont take a break. Blimey, even the sun-kissed Mediterranean leagues are all now getting nearly 3 weeks off.

Season 2006-07
League Days Break Last Game Next Game
Austria 75 Dec 10th Feb 24th
Czech Rep 62 Dec 11th Feb 12th
Switzerland 61 Dec 10th Feb 10th
Germany 39 Dec 17th Jan 26th
Belgium 34 Dec 17th Jan 21st
Turkey 34 Dec 18th Jan 22nd
Portugal 27 Dec 17th Jan 14th
Italy 21 Dec 23rd Jan 14th
France 20 Dec 23rd Jan 13th
Greece 20 Dec 18th Jan 8th
Holland 18 Dec 31st Jan 19th
Spain 17 Dec 20th Jan 7th
England 0
Scotland 0
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