Most grandparents will agree to being appalled by today’s kids’ lifestyle. While they spent their childhood outside having fun, climbing trees, singing songs and marvelling at the full moon, today’s children are staying indoors with their gaming consoles, tablets, and phones. Getting kids to love being outdoors is a complicated, often stressful affair that leads to yelling, crying and pouting. However, here are a few tips that will help you inspire your child to like being outdoors:

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Do not let frustration weigh you down

If you want your kids to start enjoying the outdoors, then you might want to start taking them out camping while they are still toddlers. From that young age, begin to take them out on exciting outdoorsy adventures so that they will build a natural, long term liking for it. Do not let the stress of taking toddlers on such excursions stop you; just try to make sure that everyone has a fantastic time.

Take things slowly

Pushing them too hard will make the kids associate outdoor excursions with stress and other negative emotions. This can be especially hard for parents that have outdoorsy careers or spent their childhood playing with the dirt, but starting small is key. Start with short walks then try longer adventures like all-day hikes.

Encourage them to sign up for their favourite sport

If your child loves baseball, softball or soccer, encourage them to try out for their new team. You can also have them enhance their skills through specialized clubs like Lionville Soccer. This way, they will spend more time outdoors practicing, playing and honing their skills.

Use treats

Be sure to pack your kids favourite snacks and toys into their backpacks to motivate them to come along. You can also encourage older kids by giving them their own gear; this helps them feel independent and look forward to the trip.

Tell them that it's okay to go out there and get messy

When you are not going on excursions, one way to encourage the kids to go outside the house is to tell them that it’s fine to get dirt all over as they play. Avoid dressing them in immaculate clothes or white socks that may make them fear dirt. Encourage them to climb trees, sit on tree stumps, and play in the sand among other fun ideas.

Limit screen time

Set a maximum number of hours to be spent watching TV, playing video-games or using their smart devices. This will help them look for other, better ways to occupy their free time.

Buy sufficient toys

Buy balls, buckets, cooking sets, chalk, drawing boards, bikes and other incentives that will make them thrilled to go and play in the backyard.

Keep them company

If you have time, play catch or teach your kids to play volleyball and other fun games. You can also plant flowers or some light gardening with them. Take long walks with them and visit their favourite parks together.


Encouraging your child to spend more time outdoors will significantly benefit their health and general well-being in the long run.